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阿部紀次 アベ ノリツグ

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ABE Noritsugu

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School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine

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Rakuno Gakuen University
School of Veterinary MedicineDepartment of Veterinary Medicine

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Endoscopic diagnosis of superficial non-ampullary duodenal epithelial tumors in Japan: Multicenter case series, Kenichi Goda; Daisuke Kikuchi; Yorimasa Yamamoto; Kengo Takimoto; Naomi Kakushima; Yoshinori Morita; Hisashi Doyama; Takuji Gotoda; Yuji Maehata; Noritsugu Abe, DIGESTIVE ENDOSCOPY, WILEY-BLACKWELL, 26, 23 - 29,   2014 04


離乳ハナカン(鼻プレート)を用いた二段階離乳が黒毛和種母子の増体、行動および血液性状におよぼす影響, 阿部 紀次; 坂本 京平; 見浦 悠里子; 原 明日香; 箭内 利菜; 青山 真人; 福森 理加; 長尾 慶和, 家畜診療, 65, (4) 264 - 264,   2018 04
牛の肢の包帯法 蹄病(蹄角質病変)に対する綿花パックの応用, 阿部 紀次, 家畜診療, 65, (1) 29 - 34,   2018 01
蹄病を理解し、治療する, 阿部 紀次, 産業動物臨床医学雑誌, 8, (3) 158 - 160,   2017 11 , 一般的に、乳牛の跛行対策はすなわち蹄の健康管理であり、護蹄管理あるいは蹄管理と呼ぶ。この理由は、乳牛の跛行の多くが蹄の問題からくるものだからである。そして、蹄管理の基本はLameness:Prevention、Detection and Treatment、すなわち予防し、発見し、治療することである。これがルーチンに行われてこそ、いわゆる蹄管理のハードヘルスが成り立つと言える。そのルーチンの成立を揺るがすものは何かを考えてみたい。(著者抄録)
これからの乳牛群管理のためのハードヘルス学入門 成牛編(第22回) 蹄管理のハードヘルス, 阿部 紀次, 臨床獣医, 35, (5) 64 - 67,   2017 05
これからの乳牛群管理のためのハードヘルス学入門 成牛編(第21回) 我が国における蹄浴の実際, 阿部 紀次, 臨床獣医, 35, (3) 52 - 55,   2017 03
鼻プレートによる二段階離乳が黒毛和種母子の行動および血液性状に及ぼす影響, 坂本 京平; 阿部 紀次; 見浦 悠里子; 原 明日香; 箭内 利菜; 青山 真人; 福森 理加; 長尾 慶和, 日本畜産学会大会講演要旨集, 122回,   2017 03
これからの乳牛群管理のためのハードヘルス学入門 成牛編(第20回) 蹄角質病変と趾皮膚炎の管理, 阿部 紀次, 臨床獣医, 35, (2) 54 - 57,   2017 02
これからの乳牛群管理のためのハードヘルス学入門 成牛編(第19回) 蹄管理のハードヘルスとは, 阿部 紀次, 臨床獣医, 35, (1) 37,6 - 39,6,   2017 01
「削蹄師目線カメラ」と「プレゼンレコーダー」の応用, 阿部 紀次, 家畜診療, 63, (8) 496 - 497,   2016 08
提案 蹄管理者の衛生, 阿部 紀次, 家畜診療, 62, (9) 567 - 567,   2015 09
護蹄管理の重要性を理解しよう : 跛行の悪影響と護蹄管理の実際 (特集 健康な蹄のために酪農家ができること), 阿部 紀次, 酪農ジャーナル, 65, (9) 12 - 14,   2012 09
牛の四肢に生じる骨折に対する外固定法の再確認, 阿部 紀次, 家畜診療, 59, (5) 265 - 271,   2012 05
乳牛の乳頭障害と対処法の実際--乳頭裂傷(典型的な踏傷), 阿部 紀次; 佐竹 直紀; 富岡 敬晶, 家畜診療, 55, (6) 381 - 388,   2008 06
牛の蹄病処置(局所治療の基本) (特集 牛の外科・繁殖診療のトレンド), 阿部 紀次, 獣医畜産新報, 61, (1) 13 - 19,   2008 01
8.乳牛の乳房,乳頭,蹄の外傷管理[症例報告](一般講演,第79回麻布獣医学会), 阿部 紀次; 佐竹 直紀; 西越 崇博; 山下 彰一; 黒崎 尚敏, 麻布大学雑誌, 9,   2004
ダッチメソッドによる牛の護蹄, van Amstel S.R; Shearer J.K; 阿部 紀次, 獣医畜産新報, 54, (6) 449 - 457,   2001 06
Evaluation of Xylazine/Lidocaine for Segmental Lumber Epidural Analgesia in Cows, TAGUCHI Kiyoshi; NINOMIYA Aoba; ABE Noritsugu; YAMADA Haruo, 獣医麻酔外科学雑誌 = Japanese journal of veterinary anesthesia & surgery, 26, (4) 87 - 93,   1995 10 31 , 10.2327/jvas.26.87
Segmental Lumbar Epidural Analgesia Induced by Xylazine and Xylazine/Lidocaine in Dorsally Recumbent Cows, TAGUCHI Kiyoshi; NINOMIYA Aoba; ABE Noritsugu; YAMADA Haruo, 獣医麻酔外科学雑誌 = Japanese journal of veterinary anesthesia & surgery, 26, (4) 95 - 100,   1995 10 31 , 10.2327/jvas.26.95
EFFECT OF DIFFERENT SUTURE PATTERNS ON WOUND-HEALING OF THE TEAT IN DAIRY-CATTLE, SM GHAMSARI; K TAGUCHI; N ABE; JA ACORDA; M SATO; H YAMADA, JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL SCIENCE, 57, (5) 819 - 824,   1995 10 , 10.1292/jvms.57.819, Experimentally-induced perforating wounds in 4 Holstein Friesian lactating cows were sutured using Gambee, continuous 2-layer (Gushing for submucosal layer and continuous horizontal mattress for skin and intermediate layer), separated 2-layer (simple continuous for mucosal layer and vertical mattress for skin and intermediate layer) and 3-layer (simple continuous for mucosal and intermediate layers, simple interrupted for skin) suture patterns. Wound healing was evaluated by radiography, blood flowmetry, tensiometry, measurement of hydroxyproline content and histopathology. The present results suggest that 3-layer pattern provided the best healing of the entire teat. Mucosal hyperplasia was observed in Gambee and continuous 2-layer pattern while eversion of the skin, presence of suture tracts and greater amount of granulation tissue were observed in continuous and separated 2-layer patterns.
Pressor Effects of Ephedrine in Cows with Segmental Lumbar Epidural Analgesia Induced by a Combination of Xylazine/Lidocaine, TAGUCHI Kiyoshi; NINOMIYA Aoba; ABE Noritsugu; YADADA Haruo, 獣医麻酔外科学雑誌 = Japanese journal of veterinary anesthesia & surgery, 26, (3) 67 - 73,   1995 07 31 , 10.2327/jvas.26.67
Study on drainage of cattle paddock : 2.The improvement of cattle paddock environment with underdrainage, Tsuji Osamu; MATSUDA Yutaka; TSUCHIYA Fujio; SUZUKI Toei; ABE Noritsugu; OOSAKI Kazue; OOBOSHI Kenji, Research bulletin of Obihiro University. Natural science, 19, (1) 23 - 29,   1994 10 07 , Always the paddock soil is mudded by excreta that cows exhausted and the kneading returns an drain are always defective in dairy farmers' paddock now. And, the influence with a badness for cows' health and milking defective drain of the paddock is given. The under drainage was constructed to three dairy farmers' paddocks to do the under drainage improvement of such paddocks in November, 1992. We investigated these three dairy farmers' paddpcks as an investigation target for two years before and after construcion about the moisturs content of soil, the three phases of soil, and the static corn penetration of soil. As a result, the moisture content of the pad-dock soil decreased remarkably after having constructed the under drainage. Moreover, the rate of the gas phase and the rate of the solid phase after constructing the under drainage and the rate of the liquid phase has decreased in the three phases of paddock soil. The improvement of drain in this paddock rose bearing capacity and facilitated walking of cows of ground power of the paddock soil in the paddock. As for the construction of the under dvainageu to dairy farmers' paddock, it has been understood to be useful for the improvement of the drain of the paddock and to improve cows' life environments according to the result.
Study on drainage of cattle paddock, TSUJI Osamu; MATSUDA Yutaka; TSUCHIYA Fujio; OOSAKI Kazue; ABE Noritsugu; OOBOSHI Kenji, Research bulletin of Obihiro University. Natural science, 18, (2) 105 - 111,   1993 06 25 , The investigation was conducted on the incidence of mastitis in cattle, as well as on hoof disease and paddock conditions, particularly paddock drainage, on dairy farms in the town of Shimizu in the Tokachi district. Fifty-nine dairy farms in Simizu were chosen randomly and investigation was carried out on the paddock conditions, barn situations, and the disease incidence of the cattle. No specific relation was detected between the disease and any of the paddock conditions. Nevertheless, it was found that the moisture content, the mire depth of a paddock and the stall length of the barn all affect mastitis. The paddock moisture content and the stall length were also found to have an influence on hoof disease, similar to the cases of mastitis. As we thought that several factors together cause those diseases, the conditions of each factor in this investigation were adjusted. Regression analysis was then made on how the moisture content and the mire depth individually affect mastitis and hoof disease. A strong correlation was seen between the mire depth and mastitis and hoof disease under those adjusted conditions. The results of the investigation indicate that the present paddock conditions were considered to be very poor. However, it can be expected that some improvement of paddock drainage situations will reduce the rate of incidence.
乳牛の後肢の汚れが乳房に付着する領域, 阿部 紀次; 小田 治義; 古村 圭子; 山中 秀男; 池滝 孝, 日本家畜管理研究会誌, 27, (1) 10 - 11,   1991 , 10.20652/kachikukanri.27.1_10