College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science
原村隆司 ハラムラ タカシ

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College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science

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College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science

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Published Papers

Preparatory mechanisms for salinity tolerance in two congeneric anuran species inhabiting distinct osmotic habitat., Haramura, T., T. Ikegami, M. Wong, & Y. Takei., Zoological Science, in press, 20190000, Refereed
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Books etc

Evolution in the Dark Adaptation of Drosophila in the Laboratory, Fuse, N., T. Kitamura, T. Haramura, K. Arikawa, and M. Imafuku, Joint Work, Springer,   2013

Conference Activities & Talks

Acoustic cues can be used to attract invasive cane toads in Japan., Takashi Haramura, Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists 2017.,   2017 07
Biotic resistance to an alien amphibian, cane toad: larval competition between native frogs and cane toads., Haramura, T., H. Takeuchi, M. R. Crossland, & R. Shine., The 8th World Congress of Herpetology.,   2016 08
Oviposition sites of Rhacophorid frog inhabiting natural coastal environment., Takashi Haramura, Vth International Wildlife Management Congress.,   2015 07 26


Hatching plasticity in response to salinity levels in a rhacophorid frog, Buergeria japonica., Takashi Haramura, Behaviour 2015.,   2015 08
Difference of swimming performance in Buergeria japonica hatchling due to hatching timing., Takashi Haramura, The 5nd International Symposium of the Biodiversity and Evolution Global COE Project,   2011 07
Hatching plasticity of amphibian (Buergeria japonica) in response to salinity level., Takashi Haramura, 13th International Behavioral Ecology Congress 2010,   2010 09
Oviposition site selection of frog breeding in coastal environment., Takashi Haramura, International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Management for Marine Biodiversity in Asia,   2010 01
Photokinesis and circadian rhythm of Drosophila kept in complete darkness for 700 – 1300 generations., Imafuku, M., and T. Haramura, The 1st International Symposium of the Global COE Project,   2008 03
How does female select the oviposition site? -in amphibia (Buergeria japonica) breeding in coastal habitat-, Takashi Haramura, 2nd EAFES International Congress,   2006 03
2005 Joint meeting of ichthyologists and herpetologists., Takashi Haramura, 2005 Joint meeting of ichthyologists and herpetologists.,   2005 07