College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Sustainable Agriculture
小八重善裕 コバエ ヨシヒロ

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KOBAE Yoshihiro

Affiliation (Master)

College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Sustainable Agriculture

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College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences

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Basic biology, Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology
Biological Science, Molecular biology
Agricultural chemistry, Plant nutrition/Soil science

Published Papers

The Infection Unit: An Overlooked Conceptual Unit for Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Function, Kobae Y, IntechOpen, 20190600, Refereed
Isolation of Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi within Young Thalli of the Liverwort Marchantia paleacea, Kobae Y, Ohtomo R, Morimoto S, Sato D, Nakagawa T, Oka N, Sato S, Plants, 8, 6, 142, 20190500, Refereed
Dynamic phosphate uptake in arbuscular mycorrhizal roots under field condition, Kobae Y, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 6, 159, 20190100, Refereed
Beneficial associations between Brassicaceae plants and fungal endophytes under nutrient-limiting conditions: evolutionary origins and host-symbiont molecular mechanisms, Hiruma K, Kobae Y, Toju H, Curr Opin Plant Biol, 44, 145, 154, 20180400, Refereed
Strigolactone biosynthesis genes of rice is required for the punctual entry of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi into the roots, Kobae Y, Kameoka H, Sugimura Y, Saito K, Ohtomo R, Fujiwara T, Kyozuka J, Plant and Cell Physiology, 59, 544, 553, 20180300, Refereed
Infection unit density as an index of infection potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, Ohtomo R, Kobae Y, Morimoto S, Oka N, Microbes and Environments, 33, 34, 39, 20180300, Refereed
A simple model system for identifying arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal taxa that actively colonize rice roots grown in field soil, Kobae Y, Ohtomo R, Oka N, Morimoto S., Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 63, 29, 36, 20170200, Refereed
Chemiluminescence-based quantification of the colonization rates of Lotus japonicus roots by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, Kobae Y, Ohtomo R, Morimoto S, Oka N., Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 63, 18, 22, 20170100, Refereed
アーバスキュラー菌根共生のライフサイクルと機能, 小八重善裕, 日本土壌肥料学雑誌, 87, 6, 479‐483, 20161205
Varietal differences in the growth responses of rice to an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus under natural upland conditions, Sisaphaithong T, Hanai S, Tomioka R, Kobae Y, Tanaka A, Yano K, Takenaka C, Hata S., Plant Signaling & Behavior, 12, e1274483, 20161200, Refereed
Phosphate Treatment Strongly Inhibits New Arbuscule Development But Not the Maintenance of Arbuscule in Mycorrhizal Rice Roots., Kobae Y, Ohmori Y, Saito C, Yano K, Ohtomo R, Fujiwara T, Plant physiology, 171, 1, 566, 579, 20160500, Refereed
Evaluation of the Role of the LysM Receptor-Like Kinase, OsNFR5/OsRLK2 for AM Symbiosis in Rice, Miyata K, Hayafune M, Kobae Y, Kaku H, Nishizawa Y, Masuda Y, Shibuya N, Nakagawa T, Plant and Cell Physiology, 20160000, Refereed
An improved method for bright-field imaging of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in plant roots, Kobae Y. and Ohtomo R., Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 62, 1, 27, 30, 20151100, Refereed
Up-regulation of genes involved in N-acetylglucosamine uptake and metabolism suggests a recycling mode of chitin in intraradical mycelium of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi., Kobae Y, Kawachi M, Saito K, Kikuchi Y, Ezawa T, Maeshima M, Hata S, Fujiwara T, Mycorrhiza, 25, 5, 411, 417, 20150700, Refereed
Selective induction of putative iron transporters, OPT8a and OPT8b, in maize by mycorrhizal colonization(Plant nutrition), KOBAE Yoshihiro, TOMIOKA Rie, TANOI Keitaro, KOBAYASHI Natsuko I, OHMORI Yoshiiro, NISHIDA Sho, FUJIWARA Toru, Soil science and plant nutrition, Soil science and plant nutrition, 60, 6, 843, 847, 20141200
The soybean mycorrhiza-inducible phosphate transporter gene, GmPT7, also shows localized expression at the tips of vein endings of senescent leaves., Inoue Y, Kobae Y, Omoto E, Tanaka A, Banba M, Takai S, Tamura Y, Hirose A, Komatsu K, Otagaki S, Matsumoto S, Taniguchi M, Masuta C, Ishimoto M, Hata S, Plant & cell physiology, 55, 12, 2102, 2111, 20141200, Refereed
Lipid droplets of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi emerge in concert with arbuscule collapse., Kobae Y, Gutjahr C, Paszkowski U, Kojima T, Fujiwara T, Hata S, Plant & cell physiology, 55, 11, 1945, 1953, 20141100, Refereed
The bifunctional plant receptor, OsCERK1, regulates both chitin-triggered immunity and arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in rice., Miyata K, Kozaki T, Kouzai Y, Ozawa K, Ishii K, Asamizu E, Okabe Y, Umehara Y, Miyamoto A, Kobae Y, Akiyama K, Kaku H, Nishizawa Y, Shibuya N, Nakagawa T, Plant & cell physiology, 55, 11, 1864, 1872, 20141100, Refereed
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Deletion of a histidine-rich loop of AtMTP1, a vacuolar Zn(2+)/H(+) antiporter of Arabidopsis thaliana, stimulates the transport activity., Kawachi M, Kobae Y, Mimura T, Maeshima M, The Journal of biological chemistry, 283, 13, 8374, 8383, 20080300, Refereed
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Loss of AtPDR8, a plasma membrane ABC transporter of Arabidopsis thaliana, causes hypersensitive cell death upon pathogen infection., Kobae Y, Sekino T, Yoshioka H, Nakagawa T, Martinoia E, Maeshima M, Plant & cell physiology, 47, 3, 309, 318, 20060300, Refereed
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Identification of sorbitol transporters expressed in the phloem of apple source leaves., Watari J, Kobae Y, Yamaki S, Yamada K, Toyofuku K, Tabuchi T, Shiratake K, Plant & cell physiology, 45, 8, 1032, 1041, 20040800, Refereed
Arabidopsis immunophilin-like TWD1 functionally interacts with vacuolar ABC transporters., Geisler M, Girin M, Brandt S, Vincenzetti V, Plaza S, Paris N, Kobae Y, Maeshima M, Billion K, Kolukisaoglu UH, Schulz B, Martinoia E, Molecular biology of the cell, 15, 7, 3393, 3405, 20040700, Refereed

Books etc

Methods in Rhizosphere Biology Research, Kobae Yoshihiro, Contributor, Live Imaging of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis, Springer,   2019 04

Conference Activities & Talks

D14L/KAI2経路で働く新規アーバスキュラー菌根共生シグナル分子の探索, 亀岡啓, 小八重善裕, 経塚淳子, 川口正代司, 秋山康紀, 第53回植物化学調節学会年会,   2018 11 03
イネの免疫調節ペプチドPepは生体防御のみならず貧栄養環境適応と微生物共生にも寄 与する, 藤雅子,谷怜奈,安田盛貴,小八重善裕,Yuniar Devi Utami,本郷裕一,佐藤豊,西條雄介, 植物微生物研究会 第28回研究交流会,   2018 09 19
菌根菌資材の接種がタマネギの生育・収量に及ぼす影響, 大友量, 小八重善裕, 森本晶, 岡紀邦, 日本土壌肥料学会年会,   2018 08 31
フタバネゼニゴケを用いた野外アーバスキュラー菌根菌の単離, 小八重善裕, 森本晶, 岡紀邦, 大友量, 日本土壌肥料学会年会,   2018 08 29
ダイズの根粒・菌根共生系におけるGmMT1発現の局在性解析, 坂本一憲, 小山浩由, 小八重善裕, 中村郁郎, 日本土壌肥料学会年会,   2018 08 29
作物の菌根を通した栄養動態, 小八重善裕, 第11回ダイズ研究会,   2018 07 26
Damage-associated plant elicitor peptides promote both plant growth and stress responses in rice, Masako Fuji, Rena Tani, Shigetaka Yasuda, Yoshihiro Kobae, Takuma Ishizaki, Yasunari Fujita, Yutaka Sato, Yusuke Saijo, 第59回日本植物生理学会年会,   2018 03 29
イネのストリゴラクトン生合成遺伝子はAM菌の根への滞りない感染に必須, 小八重善裕,亀岡啓,杉村悠作,齋藤勝晴,大友量,経塚淳子, 第59回日本植物生理学会年会,   2018 03 28
Toward the high-resolution functional analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in field crops, Kobae Yoshihiro, 15th International Symposium on Integrated Field Science,   2018 03 13


High-resolution functional analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in field crops, Kobae Yoshihiro, Journal of Integrated Field Science, (15) 18 - 21,   2018 10 , Invited
アーバスキュラー菌根の細胞内動態に関する研究, 小八重善裕, 日本土壌肥料学雑誌, 87,   2016 10 05 , 10.20710/dojo.87.5_326,
A report on the 2nd International Molecular Mycorrhiza Meeting (IMMM2015), 小八重 善裕, 日本土壌肥料学雑誌, 87, (1) 75 - 77,   2016 02 ,
菌根共生からみる植物栄養の新時代, 小八重善裕, 東樹宏和, 山本哲史, 竹本大吾, 江沢辰広, 河原愛, 荒川竜太, 齋藤勝晴, 中川知己, 日本土壌肥料学雑誌, 85, (3) 279 - 284,   2014 06 05 , 10.20710/dojo.85.3_279,
共生によってもたらされる有用機能:共生窒素固定と菌根共生, 箱山雅生, 小八重善裕, 梅原洋佐, 畑信吾, 河内宏, 菅沼教生, 植物の生長調節, 46, (2) 103 - 111,   2011 12 20 , 10.18978/jscrp.46.2_103,
Vacuole and metabolism: Substance accumulation and intracellular communication, 前島正義, 広野めぐみ, 中川周治, 小八重善裕, 蛋白質 核酸 酵素, 48, (15) 2184 - 2191,   2003 11 10 ,