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林英明 ハヤシ ヒデアキ

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School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine

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School of Veterinary Medicine Department of Veterinary Medicine
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Animal life science, Veterinary medical science, physiology

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Ruminant Physiology,

Published Papers

Sensory study of the effect of sweetener and seaweed addition on Japanese deer meat, 山中麻帆, 平山琢二, ROH Sang‐Gun, 林英明, 加藤和雄, 鈴木啓一, 及川卓郎, 日本暖地畜産学会報, 61, 2, 83‐89, 20180900, Refereed
Sensory Study of the Effect of Seaweed Addition on Beef, 山中麻帆, 平山琢二, ROH Sang‐Gun, 林英明, 加藤和雄, 鈴木啓一, 及川卓郎, 日本暖地畜産学会報, 60, 2, 129, 133, 20170930, Refereed
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Expression of mRNA for Na+/glucose transporter 1 (SGLT1) and fatty acid translocase (CD36) in the ruminant gastrointestinal tract before and after weaning., H. Hayashi, T. Yonezawa, T. Kanetani, F. Terada, K. Katoh, Y. Obara,, Animal Science Journal , 76, 339, 344, 20050000, Refereed
Expression of mRNA for nutrient transporters in the gastrointestinal tract before and after weaning. , H. Hayashi, T. Yonezawa, T. Kanetani, K. Katoh, Y. Obara,, Journal of Animal & Feed Sciences., 13, 1, 405, 408, 20040000, Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

ロバ(Equus asinus)における糞便中コルチゾール含有量の変動要因について, 林英明, 東美緒, 外平友佳理,   2018 09 01
Effect on hair cortisol by the dominance relationship in the cow group, Hideaki Hayashi, Mami Matsumoto and Shigeru Morita, 51st Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology,   2017 08 07
Effect of the fast on leptin secretion of saliva in sheep, Hideaki Hayashi, Asaka Eguchi, Midori Noya, 17th AAAP Animal Science Congress,   2016 08 23
Lumpy Jaw Disease(LJD)罹患カンガルーにおける被毛中コルチゾールを用いたストレス評価, 荒井千種, 林英明, 外平友佳理, 外平友佳理, 佐野忠士, 鈴木一由, 浅川満彦, 北海道獣医師会 平成28年度北海道地区学会,   2016 08 10
Effects of the short-term stress on hair cortisol concentrations in calves, Hideaki Hayashi, Chigusa Arai, Yurie Ikeuchi, Subaru Fukushi, Shigeru Morita and Shinji Hoshiba, The Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE),   2015 09 14
Leptin and Ghrelin Expression in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Calves and Cows, H. HayashiA, M. YamakadoA, M. YamaguchiA, T. KozakaiB, K. NakajimaB and S. KatoA, Joint ISNH / ISRP International Conference 2014,   2014 09 08
Expression of mRNA for nutrient transporters in the gastrointestinal tract before and after weaning, H. Hayashi, T. Yonezawa, T. Kanetani, K. Katoh, Y. Obara, X International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology (ISRP),   2004 08 30


新たな生理学的ストレス評価法とその応用, 林英明, 栄養生理研究会報, 62,   2018 09 ,
Preliminary report on coprological survey of internal parasites from semi-free-ranging marsupials kept in a zoo in Japan, 外平友佳理, 外平友佳理, 伊藤友貴, 佐野忠士, 林英明, 鈴木一由, 浅川満彦, 酪農学園大学紀要 自然科学編(Web), 41,   2016 10 ,

Research Grants & Projects

0098 (Japanese Only), The expression of nutrition transporter in ruminant