School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine
安藤達哉 アンドウ タツヤ

Last Update :2019/05/22

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ANDO Tatsuya

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School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine

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School of Veterinary MedicineDepartment of Veterinary Medicine

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Animal life science, Veterinary medical science

Published Papers

A Case of Median Ventral Hernia Reduced Using a for Human Use in 16 - Month - Old Holstein Cow, Journal of Livestock Medicine, 65, 11, 733, 738, 20181100, Refereed
Clearing Countermeasures Against Salmonellosis Through Changing Feeds in Lactating Cows According to MUN Level, Yabusaki T., Fuzimoto K., Kawai R., Abe R., Fujii K., Yashiro Y., Oosa H., Ando T, Journal of livestock medicine, 65, 10, 669, 678, 20181000, Refereed
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Change in the responsiveness of interferon-stimulated genes during early pregnancy in cows with Borna virus-1 infection, Takino,T., Okamura,T., Ando,T. and Hagiwara,K, J.Jpn.Vet.Med. Assoc, 53, 577, 581, 20160600
The influence of Borna disease viral infection on dairy cow reproduction, Hagiwara,K., Ando.T. and Koiwa,M, J.Vet.Med.Sci, 74, 419, 421, 20120000, Refereed
A relationship between Breeding Performance and Infection with Borna Disease Virus in Holstein Dairy Farms with High Incidence of Breeding Disorder, Ando,T., Opta,H., Koriyama,Y., Suzuki,T., Yamamoto,Y., Shimizu,T., Kawai,R., Someya,Y., Koike,N. and Fuzimoto,K, J.Livestock Med, 57, 725, 729, 20100000, Refereed
Mass Outbreak of Verrucous Dermatitis and Digital Papillomatosis Caused by Treponema-like Spirochetes in Dairy Cattle, Nagai,F., Ota,H., Fuzimoto,K., Abe,H., Munakata,T., Tanaka,M., Ito,A.,Yamamoto,Y., Ando,T., Koiwa,M., Taniyama,H., Kikuchi,N. and Kusaba,N, J.Jpn,Vet.Med Assoc, 53, 577, 581, 20000000, Refereed

Books etc

Journal of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, TATSUYA ANDO, Joint Work, Midori Shobo Co.,Ltd,   2019 01
Dairyman, Contributor,   2001


Relationship between dairy milk yield and expression of molecules inducing neutron activation,   2009