College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Sustainable Agriculture
薦田優香 コモダ ユウカ

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Affiliation (Master)

College of Agriculture,Food and Environment Sciences, Department of Sustainable Agriculture


Master of Science, Oregon State University (U.S.A.)
phD (Agricultural sciences), Hokkaido University

Research Activities

Research Areas

Basic biology, Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology
Agriculture, Plant pathology
Boundary agriculture, Applied molecular and cellular biology

Research Interests

Plant Virus,

Published Papers

Complete Genome Sequence of the First Isolate of Hibiscus Latent Singapore Virus Detected in Japan., Yoshida T, Kitazawa Y, Neriya Y, Hosoe N, Fujimoto Y, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Maejima K, Yamaji Y, Namba S, Genome announcements, 6, 7, 20180200, Refereed
Deficiency of the eIF4E isoform nCBP limits the cell-to-cell movement of a plant virus encoding triple-gene-block proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana., Keima T, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Hashimoto M, Neriya Y, Koinuma H, Iwabuchi N, Nishida S, Yamaji Y, Namba S, Scientific Reports, 7, 39678, 20170100, Refereed
EXA1, a GYF domain protein, is responsible for loss-of-susceptibility to plantago asiatica mosaic virus in Arabidopsis thaliana., Hashimoto M, Neriya Y, Keima T, Iwabuchi N, Koinuma H, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Ishikawa K, Himeno M, Maejima K, Yamaji Y, Namba S, The Plant Journal, 88, 1, 120, 131, 20161000, Refereed
In vitro recombinant expression of novel protective protein highly accumulated in dry state in an anhydrobiotic insect, Hagiwara-Komoda Y., Gusev O., Shagimardanova E., Kikawada T., BioNanoScience, DOI 10.1007/s12668-016-0356-0, 20161000, Refereed
Truncated yet functional viral protein produced via RNA polymerase slippage implies underestimated coding capacity of RNA viruses., Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Choi SH, Sato M, Atsumi G, Abe J, Fukuda J, Honjo MN, Nagano AJ, Komoda K, Nakahara KS, Uyeda I, Naito S, Scientific Reports, 6, 21411, 20160200, Refereed
The N-terminal cleavable pre-sequence encoded in the first exon of cystathionine γ-synthase contains two different functional domains for chloroplast targeting and regulation of gene expression., Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Sugiyama T, Yamashita Y, Onouchi H, Naito S, Plant & Cell Physiology, 55, 10, 1779, 1792, 20141000, Refereed
An abundant LEA protein in the anhydrobiotic midge, PvLEA4, acts as a molecular shield by limiting growth of aggregating protein particles., Hatanaka R, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Furuki T, Kanamori Y, Fujita M, Cornette R, Sakurai M, Okuda T, Kikawada T, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 43, 11, 1055, 1067, 20131100, Refereed
Quantitative and qualitative involvement of P3N-PIPO in overcoming recessive resistance against Clover yellow vein virus in pea carrying the cyv1 gene., Choi SH, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Nakahara KS, Atsumi G, Shimada R, Hisa Y, Naito S, Uyeda I, Journal of Virology, 87, 13, 7326, 7337, 20130700, Refereed
A novel member of the trehalose transporter family functions as an h(+)-dependent trehalose transporter in the reabsorption of trehalose in malpighian tubules., Kikuta S, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Noda H, Kikawada T, Frontiers in Physiology, 3, 290, 20120700, Refereed
Characterization of the Chironomid LEA Protein, PvLEA4, HATANAKA Rie, HAGIWARA-KOMODA Yuka, KANAMORI Yasushi, FUJITA Mika, CORNETTE Richard, OKUDA Takashi, KIKAWADA Takahiro, Cryobiology and cryotechnology, Cryobiology and cryotechnology, 57, 2, 135, 138, 20111000, Refereed
Arabidopsis cell-free extract, ACE, a new in vitro translation system derived from Arabidopsis callus cultures., Murota K, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Komoda K, Onouchi H, Ishikawa M, Naito S, Plant & Cell Physiology, 52, 8, 1443, 1453, 20110800, Refereed
Sugar transporter genes of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens: A facilitated glucose/fructose transporter., Kikuta S, Kikawada T, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Nakashima N, Noda H, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 40, 11, 805, 813, 20101100, Refereed
The trehalose transporter 1 gene sequence is conserved in insects and encodes proteins with different kinetic properties involved in trehalose import into peripheral tissues., Kanamori Y, Saito A, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Tanaka D, Mitsumasu K, Kikuta S, Watanabe M, Cornette R, Kikawada T, Okuda T, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 40, 1, 30, 37, 20100100, Refereed
Overexpression of a host factor TOM1 inhibits tomato mosaic virus propagation and suppression of RNA silencing., Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Hirai K, Mochizuki A, Nishiguchi M, Meshi T, Ishikawa M, Virology, 376, 1, 132, 139, 20080600, Refereed
Identification of a ribonucleoprotein intermediate of tomato mosaic virus RNA replication complex formation., Komoda K, Mawatari N, Hagiwara-Komoda Y, Naito S, Ishikawa M, Journal of Virology, 81, 6, 2584, 2591, 20070300, Refereed
Subcellular localization of host and viral proteins associated with tobamovirus RNA replication., Hagiwara Y, Komoda K, Yamanaka T, Tamai A, Meshi T, Funada R, Tsuchiya T, Naito S, Ishikawa M, The EMBO Journal, 22, 2, 344, 353, 20030100, Refereed
Genetic Analysis of the Cell-to-Cell Movement of Beet Yellows Closterovirus. (jointly worked), ALZHANOVA D V, HAGIWARA Y, PEREMYSLOV V V, DOLJA V V, Virology, 268, 1, 192, 200, 20000301
HSP70 Homolog Functions in Cell-to-cell Movement of a Plant Virus. (jointly worked), Peremyslov VV, Hagiwara Y, Dolja VV, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 96, 26, 14771, 14776, 19991200, Refereed
Regulation of closterovirus gene expression examined by insertion of a self-processing reporter and by northern hybridization., Hagiwara Y, Peremyslov VV, Dolja VV, Journal of Virology, 73, 10, 7988, 7993, 19991000, Refereed
Subcellular Localization of the HSP70-Homolog Encoded by Beet Yellows Closterovirus(jointly worked), MEDINA V, PEREMYSLOV V V, HAGIWARA Y, DOLJA V V, Virology, 260, 1, 173, 181, 19990720
Genes required for replication of the 15.5-kilobase RNA genome of a plant closterovirus., Peremyslov VV, Hagiwara Y, Dolja VV, Journal of Virology, 72, 7, 5870, 5876, 19980700, Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

アグロインフィルトレーション法によるpepino mosaic virus接種系の確立, 西田萩子, 吉田哲也, 遊佐礼, 煉谷裕太朗, 薦田(萩原)優香, 岡野夕香里, 橋本将典, 山次康幸, 難波成任,   2016 03 21
クローバ葉脈黄化ウイルスがコードするP3N‐PIPOおよび新規タンパク質の発現機構, 薦田(萩原)優香, CHOI S. H., 佐藤昌直, 厚見剛, 阿部純也, 中原健二, 上田一郎, 内藤哲,   2015 03 29
plantago asiatica mosaic virusのTGBp1はRDR6およびSGS3と結合してウイルス蓄積量を増加させる, 遊佐礼, 岡野夕香里, 薦田(萩原)優香, 桂馬拓也, 二條貴通, 小松健, 山次康幸, 難波成任,   2015 03 29
plantago asiatica mosaic virusのTGBp1はホモオリゴマーを形成しSGS3/RDR6 bodyを凝集させる, 岡野夕香里, 遊佐礼, 薦田(萩原)優香, 桂馬拓也, 二條貴通, 小松健, 山次康幸, 難波成任,   2015 03 29
シロイヌナズナCGSの葉緑体移行シグナル領域の決定とCGS発現制御における役割, 薦田(萩原)優香, 杉山朋也, 尾之内均, 内藤哲,   2013 09 13
シスタチオニンγ‐シンターゼの発現制御に関わるMTO1領域と葉緑体移行シグナルとの関係, 薦田(萩原)優香, 杉山朋也, 尾之内均, 内藤哲,   2013 03 21
In vitro翻訳系において-1および+1フレームシフトを引き起こす植物ウイルス由来の配列, 薦田(萩原)優香, CHOI Sun Hee, 中原健二, 内藤哲,   2012 07 18
Recapitulation of ribosomal frameshifting of clover yellow vein virus P3N-PIPO in a cell-free translation system., Hagiwara-Komoda Y., Choi S. H., Nakahara K. and Naito S., XV International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions,   2012 07
シロイヌナズナ細胞抽出液を用いたシロイヌナズナのシスタチオニンγ‐シンターゼmRNAの分解中間体の解析, 室田勝功, 薦田(萩原)優香, 薦田圭介, 尾之内均, 石川雅之, 内藤哲,   2012 03
トビイロウンカから同定されたプロトン‐トレハロースシンポーターNIST8は生体内の恒常性の維持に関与する, 菊田真吾, 萩原優香, 黄川田隆洋, 野田博明, 日本応用動物昆虫学会大会講演要旨,   2011 03 12
シロイヌナズナの試験管内翻訳系を用いた5’‐3’エキソヌクレアーゼAtXRN4による5’キャップ構造を持たないmRNAの分解に関する解析, 室田勝功, 薦田(萩原)優香, 薦田圭介, 尾之内均, 石川雅之, 内藤哲, 日本分子生物学会年会プログラム・要旨集(Web),   2011
トマトモザイクウイルスの病原性と弱毒化の分子機構, 石川雅之, 薦田(萩原)優香, 平井克之, 津田新哉, 飯哲夫, 日本ウイルス学会学術集会プログラム・抄録集,   2007 10 01
非膜結合型のトマトモザイクウイルス複製タンパク質はRNAサイレンシングの抑制に関与する, 薦田(萩原)優香, 平井克之, 飯哲夫, 石川雅之,   2007 03 28
Subcellular distribution of RNA silencing suppressors encoded by Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) and a suppressor-defective strain ToMV-L11., Hagiwara Y., Hirai K., Tsuda S., Meshi T. and Ishikawa M., 25th Annual Meeting of American Society for Virology.,   2006 07


ウイルス病原性発現の分子機構 植物ウイルスの全身感染とRNAサイレンシング, 平井克之, 玉井淳史, 薦田(萩原)優香, 飯哲夫, 石川雅之, 蛋白質 核酸 酵素, 52, (10) 1248 - 1253,   2007 08 10 ,
トバモウイルスの増殖をサポートする宿主因子の探索, 石川雅之, 萩原優香, 藤崎恒喜, 日本植物病理学会植物感染生理談話会論文集, (41) 49 - 56,   2005 08 01 ,

Research Grants & Projects

Functional Analysis of ┣DBArabidopsis(/)-┫DB TOM HOST Factors Involved in the Multiplication of Tobacco Mosaic Virus